Cinema Trip

Cinema Trip

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As part of the summer activities at the Avenues we went on a trip to see the much anticipated Suicide Squad.
DC Comics latest batch of mutants and misfits are apparently the worst of the worst and compare to the much loved Marvel characters unfortunately this is true for some of the characters featured in the movie.

Dead Shot, Harley Quinn, Killer Croc and Diablo were the best characters, but the movie spent a little too much time focusing on will Smith (Dead Shot) and not enough, including the baddies (the Sorceress) into the story line.

Some of us got a bit lost half way through, but towards the end the story begun to make sense again. There is a lot going on, loads of characters that don’t really add anything to the story line and some scenes that look as though they were filmed solely for a 3D audience but as a whole the movie was good. We have rated Suicide Squad **** stars out of five.

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