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A report issued yesterday by London Assembly Member Sian Berry (here) shows that at least 100 youth clubs have closed in London since the London Riots of 2011.  That is more than half of the total number of youth clubs and doesn’t paint the full horror, as many independent youth facilities have closed that are nor recorded in the figures, and of those that remain the vast majority have been gutted, forced to lay off trained youth workers, slash services and offer only a very limited service.  Thankfully Avenues is bucking the trend, but we can’t do it alone.  We back Sian Berry and The Mayor of London in calling for central government resourcing of youth work.

The City of Westminster was recently identified by Barnardos, NSPCC and others as the area in the country suffering the worst cuts to children and young peoples services.  Sian Berry’s report shows that Westminster Council spends the least of all London Councils on youth services – just £75,000 a year.

Above: The Stowe Youth Centre on the Harrow Road in North Westminster.


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