Meet Our Presenters!

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Meet some of the faces and super talented voices behind Avenues Radio!



                          NABILA & MILLIE

Nabila and Millie bring all the girl-power goodies discussing film, music, life-style and doing competitions to test your music knowledge on Avenues Radio



Dahaba is an enthusiastic presenter who loves films, and friendships and talking about of course listening to George Ezra! Listen to her on Avenues Radio bringing all the sunniest vibes!













                       REUBEN & ELLA 

Reuben and Ella are a force to be reckoned with! It’s all music, parody’s, edgy and conversation with this duo. Lots of laughs in store!













                   (PIC COMING SOON)


The rebel, the peace-maker, the
middle-ground + final voice, an un-matched mix of characters!
Music, teen-life and girl gossip-galore with this collective.



Lola will be replacing her usual stretches with stretching her amazing vocals on Avenues Radio, talking all things contortion and gymnastics!




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