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Amy Lewis is a Queens Park local, and together, with her father, Alan Edwards has been a strong supporter and contributor to The Avenues. This year, she has decided to take on the monumental challenge of running the London Marathon for us, with her motivation coming from the chance to support a local cause that has become increasingly important to her.


“I have thought about doing the London marathon for some time but never been convinced to take the plunge. I have got to know Fabian and the work that the Avenues Youth Project does over the last few years and, having learned about the vital role they play in the community and the lack of central funding available to them, was given the push I needed to finally sign up for the 26 miles.”


Amy, who works for Russell Cooke (a local law firm with a focus on housing and a strong sense of social commitment) has taken our struggles to her heart and believes strongly in the work that goes on at youth centers across the country.


“I feel really strongly that all young people should have access to the support and services that increasingly only the privileged do, in order to have the choice and opportunity to achieve what they are capable of. The Avenues Youth Project provides this support and if there is no central funding for this, those in the community that are able to assist, need to do so.”


We are very proud to have such inspiring, local and dedicated heroines and heroes behind us, making an incredible effort to support our youth club, and going above and beyond for their community. We love hearing the story of our runners’ journies and Amy sheds a little light on how she gets through the tougher moments:


“The training is hard – I am glad those dark January mornings are behind me and I can now run in the sun and admire the blossom bursting to life in the parks of London. The knowledge that I am raising funds for the young people who engage with the Avenues Youth Project makes it a little easier and will certainly give me much needed encouragement on the big day.”


We are fully behind each and every one of our runners every step of the way. Please show your support and who knows, maybe it could be you or someone you know next year, applications are open for 2020.

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